Borba između Conora McGregora i Floyda Mayweathera će se održati u T-Mobile areni u Las Vegasu 26. avgusta. Šampion UFC-ove lake kategorije McGregor je sto posto siguran u svoju pobedu, izjavio je Dana White.

He is absolutely 100 percent positive that he wins this fight. I stopped doubting Conor McGregor a long time ago. 

White je takođe izjavio da McGregor ne namerava da ide u penziju nakon ove borbe već da će se boriti ove godine u UFC-ovom oktagonu jedanput.

That’s one of the million reasons why people love Conor McGregor. This is a fight that the fans demanded. The fans wanted to see this fight. It’s the most talked about fight on the planet right now. And it will be the biggest fight ever in the history of two people punching each other. They can be as disgusted as they want. It’s what people wanted to see.