Jedan od osnivaca danas najbolje MMA organizacije sveta, UFC Art Davie je sada izjavio da ce se praviti Hollywoodski film o UFC-u. Art je pre 25 Godina tacnije 1993. godine bio jedan od osnivaca UFC-a.
On je pre par godina napisao knjigu koja se radi o UFC-u i zove se ”Is This Legal?” i sada je prodao prava za tu knjigu na osnovu cega ce se naprvaiti film. On je gostovao u podcastu TopTurtleMMA   gde je izjavio sledece:
“We sold the rights in 2015. I recently, in regaining the rights, have resold it

“[The producer is] very excited about the book. He was very excited about hiring two great writers that have already been contracted and I have met with. They’ve begun work on creating a screenplay. The producer we finally sold it to is looking to keep this thing under wraps until he has a big announcement — the announcement being the right director and the right A-list star attached to the project.

I have a good feeling that, sometime in 2018, there will be a major announcement that this project will be going forward in front of the cameras.

We think this will be an entertaining film, not just for martial arts fans around the world. But we think it will be an entertaining in the sense of a movie like ‘Moneyball’ was.”

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