Robert Follis je poznati MMA trener koji je imao, između ostalog, ulogu glavnog trenera u Xtreme Couture Gymu. Bio je trener borcima poput Mieshw Tate, Bryan Carawaya, Kevin Leeja, Randy Coutura, Dan Hendersona i mnogih drugih. Vijest o njegovoj iznenadnoj smrti objavila je njegova djevojka, Myra Fukuno.

Robert Follis, čovjek koji je promijenio mnoge živote, preminio je 15. decembra 2017. Bio je dobar, pun ljubavi i samilostan. Bio je nevjerovatan učitelj koji je itvarao umove drugih kako bi mogli naučiti pto više. Imao je način da iz svakoga izvuče ono najbolje. BIt će umapćen kao voljeni prijatelj, brat, sin, mentor i trener…”

Uzrok smrti još uvijek nije poznat.


As one of the founding members of Team Quest and Xtreme Couture MMA it is with great sorrow that we say good bye to Robert Follis. Robert was a friend, coach, mentor, and philosopher of martial arts to many of us. It is with a very heavy heart that I write this tribute to a man that touched so many. Death is like the sun. There is no escaping it. It infuses every part of our lives, but it doesn’t make sense to stare at it too long. That becomes a real challenge when someone you know, love, and respect ends their life. This is where Robert has been since his brothers passing a couple years ago and where we are left now. It is very easy to get caught up in the urgency that comes from the limited span of our lives. It can push us to obsess over life’s meaning in the time we have. But obsessing over it, and staring directly at it too long can blind us to the possibilities of living. Robert was a Hero to many. Heroes have the whole earth as their tomb . . . There is, enshrined in the chest of every person he touched, a record unwritten with no tablet to preserve it. It’s that which he imprinted on our hearts. What lives on is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what he has woven into the lives of others. Those who have lived with us become a part of us. We honor the dead by living their values. Through our efforts, we ensure that the good things they stood for continue to stand even when they are gone. Robert stood for many good things. Let’s let Our actions become a living memorial to Robert Follis.


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