Bokser Chris Van Heerden je prošle godine sparingovao sa Conorom McGregorom, njega je sada “” intervjuisao povodom borbe između McGregora i Floyda Mayweathera a on je izjavio sledeće:

I had an opportunity to work with him. It’s crazy I read all of these posts where people go: Mayweather is gonna have his hands full landing on McGregor because of Conor’s skill and footwork and Mayweather. I’m no Mayweather, and out of camp and out of shape, I landed on Conor McGregor. And my trainer, at my ringside. We landed at will. It is crazy to think that people can actually compare a fighter who is 0/0 compared to a legend that’s 49/0, and who has beaten the best of the best in the world…[McGregor does not have that knockout power.] Mayweather knows how to recover. He hasn’t lost many rounds.

U sledećem video klipu možete da vidite njihov sparing od prošle godine: